TABI stands for Trans-Border African Business Incubator. It’s a pioneering venture supported by TABC that aims at leveraging Tunisia’s strategic geographical location and its growing reputation as an innovation hub.   TABI will focus on nurturing and scaling startups with potential for cross-border impact, particularly targeting the African markets.

Key features:

Strategic Location: Tunisia’s proximity to both Europe and Africa makes it an ideal bridge for startups looking to expand in these regions. This geographic advantage can be leveraged to attract startups that aim to operate transnationally.

Vibrant Startup Ecosystem: Tunisia has been making strides in fostering a supportive environment for startups. The incubator can capitalize on this vibrant ecosystem by providing access to local networks, mentors, and investors.

Focus on Innovation: Given Tunisia’s growing emphasis on digital transformation and innovation, the incubator could specialize in sectors like fintech, agritech, or healthtech, aligning with the region’s developmental needs and technological trends.

Cross-Border Collaboration: The incubator would facilitate partnerships and collaborations across borders, helping startups to navigate different regulatory landscapes and cultural contexts in African and MENA markets.

Skill Development and Support Services: Offering a range of services from mentorship to legal and financial advice, tailored to the unique challenges of operating in diverse markets.

Policy Advocacy: Working with local and regional authorities to improve the business environment, potentially influencing policies that encourage cross-border trade and investment.

Access to Capital: Connecting startups with funding opportunities, including venture capital, angel investors, and international funding bodies focused on African and MENA regions.